Upgrade your exterior lighting, lighting in your shop and office space or install solar on your farm. We can connect you to the government rebates which may be available to you.


Energy conservation is becoming very popular. With the help of an experienced contractor who actively participates in renewable energies - you can trust that you are in the right hands.


Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd wants to make a foot print be recognized for consulting and helping everyone conserve energy - therefore saving money on utility costs and maintenance.


Get in touch with us today and save on utility costs. Upgrading is an investment!

It looks like it's time to invest in your business and start saving money.

We can help you.

  • Outdoor LED lighting offers up to 80% less power consumption and substantial longer life than domestic lighting.

    • Pole yard lights, wall packs, dusk-to-dawn, motion etc...

  • Timers, analog & digital programmable for outdoor lighting.

  • New light installation for paint booth or mechanical areas.

  • If your farm is a registered business, then you are able to receive up to a 50% grant from the government for upgrading to efficient lighting.

  • GENERAC automatic standby power systems

  • ​New electrical service equipment

  • Service upgrades

  • Panel Upgrades

  • Grain bin blower motors, auger motors, stirators, sweep augers.

  • Custom control panel to operate the grain bin motor with indicator lights.

We can help you conserve energy.


Save up to 75% on your lighting power consumption alone AND receive up to a 50% grant just for upgrading your office, interior and exterior lights on your farm.

  • Welders

  • Air compressors

  • Vehicle lifts

  • Fork truck battery charger stations

  • Fuel pump timers with automatic shut-off - prevent theft.

  • Power drops for mechanical areas.

  • Security cameras - night vision, motion trigger, DVR with email or smart phone alerts.

  • Motion sensing lights

  • Install solar on your buildings on your farm and benefit with a ROI of 13-18% on your investment.

  • Solar water pumps now available from Lorentz. High quality German engineered pumps for irrigation.




Green Apple Electrical Solutions Limited has been provides affordable electrical services to residents of Chatham-Kent wide.


We aim to reach the needs of every customer and leave them satisfied knowing they have been provided with quality work and cared for by our team of experts.


From repairs to the installation of new equipment, Green Apple Electrical is your go-to electrical company!


  • Loyalty discounts for returning customers

  • Multi-service discounts.

  • Quantity discounts

Maybe it's time you freshen up that farm!

Save on your monthly utility bills AND earn income at the same time.

  • There is a cost to everything in today's world. However consider Green Apple Electrical can propose solutions to save you energy and also earn you money all in one package.

  • Utility rates are going up 40%. Start to take the pro-active approach and conserve today and benefit tomorrow. Delcare your energy independance.

  • Lighting upgrades will save you money. If you are a registered business, you will receive rebates on the lights that you upgrade. Considering an addition or renovation? We can get you rebates on the new lighting installation.

  • Earn income: Your solar contract will earn you income for the next 20-years. 





Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd is a registered electrical contractor serving happy customers in the Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas.

We do our best to satisfy our customers. Green Apple Electrical has the reputation of providing customers with quality work and products.

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