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Peak Shaving & Demand Response


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Complete Solutions consist of solar, wind, solar thermal, energy storage capacity and a sophisticated software platform.

It all starts here...


Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd is a registered and licensed contractor. We are also a contractor that values renewable energies and understands the benefits of integrating these renewable energies into our homes and businesses.  


The are many quality built products that are now available in which can truly benefit the electricity consumer by reducing dependance on the power grid.


We are here to connect the customers to these valuable products and also apply for project funding on your behalf. 


There many incentives available from OPA, IESO and the SaveOnEnergy campaigns to offer even higher value to help inspire customers to invest in their homes and businesses. 


Working together to make a difference!

Solar & wind power are most commonly used to produce power. With these renewable energies, we can power our homes and businesses and substantially reduce our dependance on the power grid and in result reduce electricity costs. Monthly savings simply equate to the investment payments on your renewable energy products or system. We want to help you build a long term Energy Plan for your home or business. 


There are many incentives available for taking a green step forward and reducing your electricity consumption. We connect customers to these programs by providing our expertise, our field knowledge and working with our channel partners to offer you a superior product at a competitive price.


The IESO (Indedependant Electricity Systems Operator) has offered, and stll offers today many SaveOnENergy campaigns in order to establish a stronger level of involvement by helping home owners and business with the capital cost of the upgrades. There's no better time to take advantage of the programs. 


We are here to help and to understand your needs. A long term Energy Plan is in all our best interest. Project Green Sweep is an exclusive program that connects you to the technologies that exist today, fully supporting an energy conservation approach. In addition we work on your behalf to also connect you to the incentives available so that you earn an even better return-on-investment. 

Renewable energies coupled with an energy storage system offers you a complete energy management solution.

Make the investment in renewable energy products

Invest today and benefit tomorrow.

We all invest in many different ways. We sit with experts to discuss our retirement goals, our children's educational funds or even to purchase real estate. Of course investments are good - and each and everyone of us look ahead at the next investment that could benefit our position in ultimately saving us money. Did you ever consider investing in renewable energies for your home or business? Did you know that you can be in control of your energy costs?


Our company wants to be your expert in helping you create your Energy Plan for your home or business. We have a great line of products to help you build a green one. 

Invest in your home or business.

Invest in your business

  • Power your business with a MicroGrid.

    • Substantial reduce your electrical utility bill by integrating peak shaving solutions and reducing Demand Response.

    • Use Solar and Wind power to produce clean renewable power.

    • Energy Storage System - Store energy when prices are lowest and use this stored energy when prices are highest. 

    • Sophisticated software imports 12 month of 15 - minute - interval data analyzing consumption behaviors and provides information to the designer to build a system that compliments your needs.

    • ​Use Solar and Wind to power produce clean power.

    • Store this power using long life Lithium Phosphate batteries for a 20 year energy storage solution.

    • Larger 30KW and 100KW industrial inverters handle energy storing and discharging seamlessly integrating with sophisticated software.

    • Store energy when grid demand and prices are lowest and use this stored energy when demand and prices are highest. Solar and wind integration will assist in offsetting consumption and also charge battery banks.

    • Software monitors the Core and Sub-Systems of the system so that you can view Solar and Wind power production, the energy storage levels and most important your savings all within a pleasing visual platform.

    • A MicroGrid also provides a back-up power solution with instataneous switch times during a black out. You don't have to be a victim of a power failure again. More energy storage equals longer back-up power duration.


  • Solar Pumps are available in many different models for different application.

    • ​You can reduce load demand by replacing pumps with solar powered pumps. A true benefit for greenhouse irrigation systems, center pivoting irrigation system or large public pools where pumps run all day.

    • Lorentz brand solar pumps are leaders and are globally reputable.


  • Heat your water with solar.

    • Heat water with a Solar Thermal unit. Systems are expandable and can be sized based on your hot water needs.


  • ​RetroFit Program - Upgrade and benefit.

    • ​Lighting Upgrades using LEDs will reduce lighting loads by 80%. The Retrofit Program helps cover 50% of project costs.

    • ​Upgrade using VFDs for your motors.

    • Reduce your consumption and save operations costs. 


Your Energy Manager - offering Complete Energy Management Solutions.
  • Power your home with your own MicroGrid.

    • Substantial reduce or even eliminate your electrical utility bills.

    • Use ​Solar and Wind power to produce clean renewable power.

    • Save energy by storing this energy when prices are lowest, and using this stored energy when prices are highest.

    • Energy Storage System - Store this power using long life Lithium Phosphate batteries for a 20 year energy storage solution.

    • Charge controllers keep the batteries charged properly and efficiently sustaining long-life.

    • Inverters make AC power for you to consume OR sell to the grid by Net-Metering..

    • A MicroGrid also provides a back-up power solution with instantaneous switch times during a black out. No more power black outs.


  • Solar Pool Pumps for your pool.

    • Solar pumps can pump 30,000 Gallons-per-Minute without grid power and requiring between 0.75-1KW of solar power - 4 modules.

    • There are Hybrid solutions to run the solar pumps using AC power for 24 hour solution. A key benefit is the motors are a 3 phase design so they actually comsume about 1/2 the power of a conventional single-phase AC motor. 


  • Heat your water with solar.

    • 1KW of solar power can heat your hot water tank.

    • For larger demand you can heat water with a Solar Thermal Unit.


  • ​Upgrade lighting to LEDs and install smart devices

    • ​LEDs reduce lighting loads by 80%

    • Install smart devices such as dusk-to-dawn sensors, digital timers and motion sensors to reduce comsumption.

Invest in your home





Electrical Contractor and Energy Manager

Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd. is a certified, registered contractor.

ECRA/ESA # 7008559

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