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Electrical Contractor


Have you been thinking of renovating your home and in need of a good electrician? Well of course we can help!


We will introduce you to lighting ideas, under cabinet lighting options, receptacle layouts & Smart TV installations.


New LED lighting products now support 5 year warranties, 45+ years life, and 50,000 hours life.


Get in touch with us today and save on utility costs. Upgrading is an investments!



It looks like it's time for that renovation...

We can help you.

  • 4" and 6" LED pot lights

  • Under cabinet lighting.

  • Stair lighting.

  • Single pole, 3-way and 4-way switch installation.

  • Dimmers for interior mood.

  • Timers, analog & digital programmable for outdoor lighting.

  • Landscape lighting.

  • Outdoor wall pack LED lighting.

  • Pole lighting.

  • Dusk to Dawn lighing.

  • Wiring upgrades from Knob & Tube.

  • Aluminum wiring repairs and upgrades.

  • Complete surround sound system installation including in-wall speaker installation.

  • Smart TV installation with Internet streaming for NETFLIX

Save money and upgrade your lighting today.


Save up to 75% on your lighting power consumption alone.

  • Service & panel upgrades or sub-panel installations.

  • Device upgrades such as switches and receptacles to modern Decora style.

  • Install ceiling fan fixtures.

  • Install exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Fire Alarm & CO2 Detectors installation.

  • Annual inspection and battery placements.

  • Security cameras - night, motion trigger, DVR with email or smart phone alerts.

  • Motion sensing lights




Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd provides affordable electrical services to residents of Chatham, Windsor, Sarnia & London.


We aim to reach the needs of every customer and leave them satisfied knowing they have been provided with quality work and cared for by our team of experts.


From panel installations to changing a single light bulb, Green Apple Electrical is your go-to electrical company!

  • Loyalty discounts for returning customers

  • Multi-unit discount (ie. Rental units, condos, apartment buildings)

  • Senior discounts

  • Single-parent discounts

  • Student discounts

Most of us do spend a significant time in the kitchen

Are you thinking about upgrading the look and usability of your kitchen?

  • Upgrade the lighting to energy efficient and cosmetically appealing LED pot lights. Natural light color & dimmable.

  • Install under cabinet LED lighting. These LEDs are able to change to more than a dozen colors to compliment the season and offer dimmable options as well. Very low profile and fairly easy installation.

  • Install a smart TV right in your kitchen. With proper setup, you will benefit from installing the right APPS for you. Find a recipe, stream the cooking channel, stream Netflix, let the children stream cartoons on Netflix, do their homework research online or simply stream music online while you act as chef.

  • Install USB charging receptacles around your counter top to charge your iPhone or iPad, Android devices or laptops.





6" LED Pot Lights

6" LED Pot Lights

Beautiful cosmetically appealing potlights. 9W, 50,000 hour or 46 year life, 5 year warranty.

Kitchen & Dining Room

Kitchen & Dining Room

6" LED potlights, under cabinet lighting, island receptacles & new dimmer switches through out this beautiful home make it even more enjoyable.

Dining Room Fixture

Dining Room Fixture

We can relocate that new fixture for your new table.

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting

Low profile and require minimal cutting into those new expensive cabinets. This LED strip light comes with a remote control and has options to change to more than a dozen colors to enhance your kitchen feel or perhaps to compliment the holiday season.

LED undercabinet lighting.

LED undercabinet lighting.

Very sleek, low profile look. Remote control with options to change color also with dimming options.

Smart TV Installation

Smart TV Installation

Enjoy the benefits of streaming online. Enjoy Netflix, YouTube or even most sporting events at your leisure. That's smart!

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