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  • You want to save on energy on your home or business.

  • We have the product line and renewable energy portfolio to design and install systems to reduce or even eliminate your energy bill.

  • The best part, is that we connect you to the government incentives that are available to you.

  • We offer MicroFIT & FIT connections, Net-Metered Systems, Grid-Zero systems and Load Reduction system all integrated with Long Life Energy Storage for Back Up Power.

Do you want to reduce your electrical utility bills?


Declare your energy independance. Invest in yourself.


3-2-1  APPLE!


We offer energy management systems for your home or business and get you connected to the incentives offered by the Ontario government.

Ontario wants home & business owners to go green and there is a fund reserved to encourage home & business owners like you to take that green step forward.


We want to be your energy manager. We will design, install and maintain your system. We will also connect you to incentives to make the offer even more attractive.

Energy Management

Here are some main stream incentives offered by the Ontario Power Authority as of March 2015.


Invest in your business

Save On Energy

& Reduce Peak Demand

We are specialists in green energies. This is what we do best.

Energy Management


We offer solar inverters to meet the needs of various applications. Units from as small as 3kW and as large as 100kW with integrated technology for supporting energy storage.

Systems can be installed on a modular basis to suit your annual budget and reduction in annual operations cost targets.


You have the option of using both solar and wind power to generate power. 

Retrofit Program

Participate and Save. Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs.


The RETROFIT PROGRAM makes it possible for commercial organizations to install and benefit from newer, more energy efficient solutions that will help you operate your business more efficently and improve your bottom line. 


Incentives are available for high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating and for installing new control systems to improve the overall efficiency of your building.


There are three ways to start conserving energy with this program.



  3. CUSTOM Track.

A Energy Management Solution for your company consists of integrating renewable energies (solar & wind) with energy storage offering a system designed to store energy when energy prices are at their lowest and using this stored energy when demand is high and prices are highest. 


With this technology, demand charges are substantially reduced and in result, electrical utility costs are easily decreased by 30 - 60%. Every facility has their specific needs. Demand charges can equate to paying high hydro rates during high peak demand. You will benefit with savings by reducing your consumption from the grid by switching to onsite generation (stored energy & renewable energy systems).


Every day, more and more Ontario businesses are uncovering the benefits of energy efficiency. That’s especially true of large industrial and commercial facilities, where bigger energy costs can easily translate into bigger opportunities to save.


Green Apple Electrical Solutions will act on your behalf as your Energy Manager. After we install your Energy Management Solution for your facility, we will monitor and maintain your system AND sustain and grow your savings. 

  • There is currently approximately 50MW allocated for MicroFit and Fit contracts right now in 2015.

  • For home or small business owners, a small MicroFit roof mount Solar PV system costs apprx $30,995 and will produce income of $5,500 per year.

  • It will pay for itself in 5-6 years. Then you will continue to generate income for the remainder of the 20 year term - therefore earn $80,000.

  • Larger FIT projects have higher earning potential 

  • Invest in your property using the right contractor who has your best interest in mind. The solar PV system you install today, will one day be your own micro-grid system. The future is going to be integrating Energy Management Solutions using energy storage with the existing solar infrastructure. Customers should always consider quality products & installation for the long term benefit.

  • We recommend the reputable Sonnen Tracker as the solar tracker of choice. Studies show 50-60% better production in a 1-year period over a roof mount unit. Low maintenance system, supporting Safe-Guard features and complete system monitoring.  

  • Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd provides reputable solar installations using quality products.

  • Optimally harvest energy from PV solar, wind turbines and the grid, storing the energy in batteries and then redistributing the energy to loads that optimise the energy and power consumption of the building.

  • Reduces peak demand regardless what time they occur. System designers and operators program the maximum allowable energy demand on a monthly basis.

  • This system charges the system batteries during periods of low energy consumption and discharges the batteries once demand exceeds the specified levels.

  • Gridz is designed to maximize the energy independence of a commercial building or an industrial plant. Using it's energy storage capabilities, Gridz powers a building during the early hours of morning and evening when the building is occupied but renewables are not available.

  • Energy storage as large as 5 mega-watts are cabable therefore these systems can accomodate the large majority of business and industrial power needs.

  • This is also offered for residential customers in system as small as 8.8KW.

  • Batteries consists of Lithium-Phosphate providing 5000-7000 cycle life - expect 20 year life.

  • Zero energy costs provides a fast return on investment.

  • Longer life expectancy than standard AC motors. Quiet & efficient. Proven in service record.

  • Speed controllable to match the pool size exactly.

  • Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair.

  • Fast and simple installation, direct replacement for an existing pool pump.

  • Lorentz manufacturers 80 models offering different applications. The smallest pump has output of 74 GPM. The largest pump has an output of 2500GPM. 

  • All units have grid-tie capabilities for 24 hour operation with the option of purchasing the AC/DC converter power pack.

  • The solar pumps are 3-phase therefore the motors draw 1/2 the power than a conventional single phase 240 volt AC motor. You will save on consumption costs by replacing the pump and running of AC grid power alone.


  • $1500 Small Business Lighting Upgrades – no costs to customer for parts & labour - (Our company offers this to Hydro One customers only).

  • Up to 50% back on larger lighting retro-fits for your farm or commercial business – indoor and outdoor.

  • You can now heat hot water free with a 1KW solar array consisting of 4 x 255 watt modules.

  • Options to parallel systems for higher outputs.

  • Most electric hot water tanks have two heating elements. The Cybo 1200H mini-inverter connects to the lower element, therefore you still have the upper element connected to grid power.

  • It will produce 100% of hot water needs in the summer and a fair portion in the winter. (With a fixed roof mount system due to snow covering). You can upgrade to a single axis tracker for 50-60% higher solar production.

We did say we have the solutions.

Here are some of the key services that we provide to our customers. These services are offered all under one roof.

Solar Install


  • For existing Degger tracker owners with tracking issues - we now have the solution! Retrofit Kits are available offering upgrade options with SafeGuard & Live Monitoring.

  • If you have a physical solar installation however no contract to connect - we can potentially connect your solar powered system to run as your own Micro-Grid solar power generator. Put it to work for you.

Take adavantage of the OPA incentives offering a 20 year contract.

There is 50 Mega-Watts allocated for solar contracts in 2015 for Ontario residents.



Energy Management

Seamlessly integrate renewable energy (wind & solar), power utility grid and energy storage all in one system. Reduce peak demand substantially AND benefit from back-up power.

Electrician Solar


LORENTZ brand solar pumps. A 20-year global company offering off-grid renewable energy solar pump systems.


Produce heat using solar technology. Solar thermal and solar electric units available for various applications.

Solar heating


Upgrade to LEDs today and reduce your lighting loads by 80% - up to 50,000 hours life - 20 years.

Electrician light upgrades

Get an Estimate or need consultation?


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Green Apple Electrical Solutions Ltd is doing something different. 


Our primary focus is to engage in the green energy wave. Taking the time to educate home owners and businesses to take advantage of the incentives available to them. Acting as the consultant and installer of choice - the contractor of choice.


Or Call Us Today!

Green Electrical Consulting

What is Project Green Sweep?

Project Green Sweep is a program that is all about Energy Management. We use the latest technologies and bring them together in unison developing a very essential energy management solution.


Businesses can substantially reduce or even eliminate their utility costs resulting in an effective conservationist campaign - of course, increasing profit margins for years to come due to reduced operating costs.


Businesses have full provincial financial support for integrating energy management solutions.

We offer the exclusive

Project Green Sweep.

Looking forward to the bright future ahead

 Look at how these world leading companies are taking initiative in investment in green energy.
  • Apple: has just invested $850M in a 130 Mw (mega-watt) solar farm covering 2,900 acres - 12 square kilometers of land.

  • Google: Last year Google signed a 400 Mw power-purchase deal in wind, bringing its total to 1 gigawatt. 

  • Microsoft: In the past two years, Microsoft has entered into deals for 285 Mw of wind, including one of the world's biggest contracts for a single facility.  

  • Amazon: Just last month, Amazon jumped into the race, signing a 150 Mw wind agreement.

  • Ikea: In September, Ikea and a group of large companies committed to becoming 100 percent renewable by 2020. The furniture retailer already gets a significant amount of its power through company-owned wind projects worldwide.

  • Wal-Mart: The big-box retailer has been busy putting panels on the tops of its big boxes, with more than 100 Mw of capacity installed.

We are doing something different...

Green Apple Electrical Solutions has built partnerships with reputable global businesses. Our vision is to stay focused in all relevant green renewable energy technologies and offer the products and services to customers. 


Secondly we assess the customers needs and connect them to possible government incentives available to them. We can help you connect to the incentives to reach an ever better ROI on your green projects.


Invest now and benefit tomorrow. We offer great renewable energy products that simpy make sense. 

Invest in your home or business
Go green - install solar today


  • We provide consultation services by assessing the needs of your home, commercial business or industrial facility.

  • Our company offers a wide array of solutions covering the needs of home owners, commercial businesses or industrial facilities by offering investments in energy solutions. We target to provide solutions with a return-on-investment of 5-6 years. However retrofit incentives can have substantial payback in as little as 18 months.

  • We will assess your lighting needs and get you up to 50% of costs on your larger lighting retrofit upgrades.

  • We will present the benefits of installing a MicroFIT or FIT solar generator and determine if there is capacity for a 20 year contract OR;

  • We will assess your electricity bills over the past 12 months and will perform analytics to determine what type of Energy Management System will benefit your company. You will save on discounted electricity rates as the government rewards companies like yours for taking a green step forward. And secondly you will save even more with solar integration.

  • We work with 3rd party engineers for all drawings and ESA Plan review documentation.

  • We are a licensed & registered contractor.

  • We have the knowledge and experience to build your renewable solar generator.

  • We complete the installation from A - Z and pull all permits required to do the work. Due to the fact the work is performed under one umbrella, we are able to keep costs down and present a higher value.

  • We work closely with 3rd party engineers and with ESA to ensure our systems are electrically code compliant and safe.

  • We handle the install, the electrical service work and complete trenching services.

  • We will upgrade your lighting and connect you to the SaveOnEnergy lighting retrofit program and install devices.

  • We can also connect you to the other retrofit incentives by upgrading to VFD drives for your motors.

  • We install your solar project - either roof mount or with solar trackers.

  • We take care of your electrical service needs and complete final connection.

Solar installer


Contractor of choice


  • If you there is capacity for a FIT contract, you will benefit from your solar generator as it will earn you income for the 20 year term.

  • Depending on the level of Energy Management Solutions implemented, in addition you also benefit from substantial reduced energy consumption.

  • Government incentives reward businesses for integrating Energy Management Solutions by offering discounted energy rates and you will save even more by using your own green renewable solar generator.

  • The increased electricity rates will have a minimal impact on your overall energy costs because you chose project Green Sweep to make your home or business a lean green energy saving machine. 

  • You will now start saving money by declaring your energy independance. 

  • You will be in a good position as you have invested in a low maintenance system that is yours for life and you can continue on with business.

  • Did we forget to mention "higher profit margins"?

Ask us today, we would love to help. It's what we do.

Contact US

Letter from Green Apple Electrical

I encourage people like you to get in touch. I will personally do my best to educate you and take the time to explain the incentives that are available for Ontario home owners and businesses. I will also share with you our installations - right here in the Chatham-Kent area and explain the benefits of the extra steps we take to give you an optimal system. We want to share the performance reports of previous installs by logging in to our web based active monitoring system and will see for yourself what systems are producing in our neighbouring areas.

We know you want to go green. We know you want to conserve.

We want to help you. That simple.

We are not here to advertise that we have installed 5,000 systems. We like to advertise that we install one of the best systems and that we are willing to work more cooperatively with our customers. We are local and we want to provide our services to the local community.


Declare your energy independance. Call Green Apple Electrical Solutions for your next green project. 3-2-1 APPLE!

Our vision

We are a company with a vision of sustaining a great level of involvement in the green energy sector by providing value based services to the residential, commercial & industrial sectors and to connect valued customers to incentives available to them.



is a registered contractor with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority.


We are a licensed contractor.

Electrician Chatham Kent residential commercial industrial



Jared Lozon

President,  Master Electrician

B:1-855-321-2775 ext: 801

M: 519-365-6702

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